Specialty Programs 

Palliative Home Care Services

Palliative care is a specialized treatment option that offers advanced pain and symptom management to patients with serious illness such as cancer, advanced heart disease, pulmonary disease and ALS, among others. The goal of palliative care is to improve the quality of a patient's life. 

The Visiting Nurse of HopeHealth Difference
At Visiting Nurse of HopeHealth, our palliative home care program takes an integrated team approach to treating patients at home, where they most want to be. Working with a patient, family and physician, Visiting Nurse of HopeHealth is able to reduce unnecessary hospital visits and minimize the limitations caused by complex medical issues.   

Who Is Eligible?
Patients who have a serious illness and need help with symptom management are candidates for palliative care. 

To Receive Palliative Care
If you think you or a loved one might benefit from palliative care, speak to your doctor. Or for more information about Visiting Nurse of HopeHealth's palliative care program, call (800) 696-7991.


Visiting Nurse of HopeHealth employs clinical informatics and the latest in home health technology to constantly improve the delivery of care. New advances in technology now enable our clinical team to follow your condition using remote monitoring devices placed in your home.

If selected for the program, you will record your own weight, blood pressure, and pulse oximetry using the small, easy-to-use monitoring devices placed in your home. The system is designed so you can take measurements without assistance. Results will be automatically sent through your telephone line, toll-free, to be monitored by our telehealth coordinator. If there are significant changes in your measurements, our nurse will immediately contact your physician. Telehealth allows for early identification of potential problems leading to interventions that can avert medical crisis.

The program is available to you at no additional cost. We will deliver, to your home, everything you need to participate and teach you how to use each component. Reporting your measurements is quick, easy, and will allow you to remain living healthy and independent in the place you feel most comfortable, your home.

Community Health 

Community Health is at the core of our mission. We respond to community needs by making the following opportunities available:

Flu Immunization
Every year, we provide thousands with flu immunization. These clinics, held throughout our service area, are one of the most critically needed health efforts in the community. We also provide inoculations to homebound patients. Please visit our online calendar to view the dates, times, and locations of our upcoming clinics.

Blood Pressure Screenings
We offer blood pressure screenings for seniors throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Please visit our online calendar to view the dates, times, and locations of our upcoming screenings.

Community Education
Our employees and volunteers are available to provide presentations on a wide range of topics. Presentations can be arranged for small groups, community organizations, and businesses throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

Wound Care

Many suffer from complex wounds that impact their quality of life. In response, we have developed a wound program that utilizes innovative techniques, state-of-the-art products, and evidence-based protocols. Our goals are simple:

  • Manage your condition
  • Participate in the healing process
  • Help you remain independent and comfortable at home

All members of our home heath team receive in-depth wound education and are required to complete competency testing. At the beginning of the program, a nurse will assess your needs and work with your physician to develop a personalized plan of care. Our staff will continue to evaluate the status of your wound and communicate changes with your physician. Adjustments will be made as necessary.

We are proud of our wound program and the positive outcomes it has resulted.